5 Ways To Market Your Photography Business


Content marketing is definitely a buzz word right now – but it is a GREAT way to market your business. It could simply be creating a piece of content or material (a video, blog post, or even Instagram stories) to solve a problem or answer a question. You are creating value and answers around a topic that you know best. You are creating consistent, reliable, and informative information that will attract your ideal client! These are targeted pieces of content that point the clients back to you.


A collaboration shoot is one of the best ways you can both market and network yourself as a photographer! Find some vendors that you’d like to work with that you’ve never worked with before! Creating new connections is great in this space. You never know where an opportunity will lead! Once you have those pictures, you can cross promote, share and tag each other, and more. Your audience will become their audience and you’ll be able to lift them up together!


A referral program is a rewards program for your past clients if they go ahead and refer you to new clients. This is a great way to up your word of mouth referrals. In a non-pushy way, you can reach out to past clients that you’ve worked with to let them know that this new referral program is up and running! You can send them an email to let them know what they can earn or get for free by simply sharing about your work.  Referral programs are extremely effective, especially if you want to work with a specific clientele and you’ve found that you’ve worked with them before.


Another great way to organically market yourself is by incorporating a give back component! Align yourself with a charity or fundraiser that your brand can stand behind and photograph their event for free. You will be able to connect with people who attend and are also involved with the charity as well as other vendors. You can promote your photos on blogs or with your community and share about a cause you care about as well. It’s a win-win all around!


Finally, creating partnerships with local businesses in your market is a great way to promote your business! Create a list of business in your area that you think will align with your brand; introduce yourself, offer them headshots, or offer how you can bring them value. These partnerships will be completely based on relationships so starting this relationship out on good footing is crucial! Working to create a mutually beneficial partnership is the goal here. Again, you never know where an opportunity will lead so take advantage of every one that comes your way.

Marketing yourself is a skill that so many business grow and develop in over time. Finding free ways to be both strategic and intentional can really help you get off the ground as a photographer. Do remember too though, it can take time but be faithful to the process!

I’d love to hear what one of your favorite takeaways was from this post. Leave a comment below and let me know!

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